Established in 2001, at Angel Dolfyn Massage, our mission is to enhance the well being of each individual by establishing and maintaining a holistic balance of Mind, Body, & Spirit.


We are now Department of Labor Providers

Our practice specializes in Therapeutic Medical Massage for Worker’s Comp and Personal Injury. As providers we now accept patients managed by the Department of Labor. If you have been injured on the job and your doctor has prescribed massage treatments, you can contact our office to receive therapeutic massage treatments benefits.

Just a thought...

Perhaps dreams are made of hard work. Perhaps if we try to cut corners, we lose track of the reasons we started dreaming, and at the end we find that the dream no longer belongs to us. Perhaps if we just follow the wisdom from our hearts, then time will make sure we get to our destiny. Remember: when you are just about to give up, when you feel that life has been too hard on you: Remember who you are. Remember your Dream.